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Economizers don't heat or cool anything - they simply bring in cool, fresh, outdoor air to help cool a building naturally.  When outdoor conditions are favorable for cooling, the economizer brings in fresh cool outdoor air.  If the outdoor conditions aren't favorable, the system uses air conditioning. Using a Honeywell economizer with demand control ventilation can reduce your energy costs as much as 40 percent when installed and maintained properly, depending on geographic region and building usage.  Learn more about Honeywell economizers, including the JadeTM Economizer here.

  The Belimo Economizer utilizes ZIP Code patented technology to simplify equipment set-up.  The LCD display delivers live status information, operating history, and may be read in direct sunlight.

This unit is “plug and play” for all sensor and device connections, displays only those in use, notifies if disconnected, and automatically changes to the appropriate economizing strategy available.

In addition to featuring the first and only economizer with on line help in “plain english”, the ZIP also has comprehensive fault detection and diagnostic capabilities and incorporates Title 24 acceptance testing procedures to verify proper operation.   For more information, please visit Belimo’s website for this product at