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  Belimo’s Energy Valve is a two-way electronic pressure valve assembly (Bacnet BTL certified) designed to document and optimize the performance of hydronic coil and/or heat exchanger devices. It directly meausres volumetric flow rate and supply/return water temperatures that enable it to calculate and store coil performance data, including but not limited to instantaneous power (MBh), energy (BTU) and temperature difference. Data is stored on board (up to 13 months) and may be accessed directly from the valve or via BACnet/IP, BACnet/MSTP or TCP/IP. See the complete line at  or the product website at
  Belimo’s ZoneTight two-way pressure independent valve assemblies (PIQCV) incorporate the footprint and energy efficient features noted below as well as pressure independent operation and field adjustable design flow rates.
  Belimo’s ZoneTight characterized ball two and three-way pressure dependent valve assemblies (QCV) feature small footprints for installations with space constraints (i.e., cabinet heaters, perimeter finned tube and unit ventilators) as well as significantly reduced power consumption as low as 0.3W running, 0.15W holding for non-fail safe units. In addition to it's small size and energy efficient design the cv of these valves is field adjustable.