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About Us

MIControls Inc. traces its roots back to 1920 as the Therm Gas Generator Company of Seattle, a wholesale distributor that served the Washington State oil heat and the Alaska fishing fleet industries. Mortemp Company was formed in Seattle in 1951 as a wholesale distributor of oil heat products and residential temperature controls.  Mortemp Company purchased Therm Gas Generator Company in the mid-80's.
With its roots going back to pre-war times, Industrial Control Company began in Portland Oregon in the early 1950's as a wholesale distributor, serving Oregon State, Southwest Washington and Southeast Alaska. Mortemp purchased Industrial Controls in 1996 and in 2001 the two companies joined to become MIControls, Inc.
MIControls is the premier Wholesale Distributor in Washington and Oregon for Building Automation HVAC Controls, commercial controls, industrial process controls and instrumentation.