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  Frequently Asked Questions

 Question: I’d like to open an account with MIControls. How can I do this?  
   Answer: You may apply for an open account <click here>. Note that not all products will be made available to all customers
 Question: Do I have to pay sales tax?
   Answer: If you are a Washington State entity, you must pay sales tax unless we have a signed Washington State Resale Certificate on file.
 Question: What are your credit terms?
   Answer: MIControls' terms are net 30 days for customers with an open account
 Question: Do you accept credit cards?
   Answer: Yes - we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
 Question: I’ve heard that your training classes are spot-on. How can I get on your notification list?
   Answer: Contact your nearest MIControls office with your request.
 Question: I have a technical issue and need help
   Answer: Contact your nearest MIControls with your request
 Question: I have heard good things about the Tridium DDC solution. Can I buy these products from MIControls?
   Answer: Our Tridium solution products are sold only to specific, highly-qualified controls contractors. Please contact us at either or and we will put you in touch with someone who can help you.
 Question: Can I get a personal visit from a MIControls salesman?
   Answer: Contact your nearest MIControls office with your request.
 Question: Can I get a report of the purchases I made in the last year?
   Answer: Yes, if you are a customer-of-record.  Contact your nearest MIControls office with your request.
 Question: I bought a product from another distributor; will MIControls do a warranty-exchange for me?
If the replacement product is on our shelf and if the product qualifies for warranty consideration, we would be happy to exchange it for you, subject to the manufacturer’s warranty terms. This may include you paying for the replacement and waiting for the factory to authorize a credit.
 Question: I bought a product from another distributor and I need technical support. Will you help me?
   Answer: You should go first to the distributor who sold you the product. If they are unable to help, you may request assistance from MIControls.
 Question: Do you have an on-line store? How can I get set up?
   Answer: Yes – MIControls has two online stores. 1) our general store, available for customers-of-record, and 2) our Buy Moxa Now store, available to the public. Our Moxa store is enabled for credit card-only transactions
 Question: Are you hiring?  Where can I send my resume?
   Answer: From time to time MIControls hires additional career employees. You may send your resume confidentially to
 Question: Do you have monthly specials? How can I get a copy of your flyer?
   Answer: We have a bi-monthly flyer. You may view it online or request one from your nearest MIControls office.
 Question: My boiler controls / building controls need upgrading. Can you educate me with the options?
   Answer: Yes - we can help.  Contact your nearest MIControls office with your request.
 Question: MIControls has really helped me out of a jamb. How can I say thanks?
   Answer: Sounds corny – but it’s what we do. Please accept our most sincere thanks for being our customer.  Keep buying!
 Question: I’m interested in my building’s carbon footprint. Talk with me about Green products.
   Answer: We would be happy to help. You may view some key products on our Green tab.  Contact your nearest MIControls office with your specific request
Question: Are any of the products you sell repairable? 
  Answer: Mostly no, due to UL requirements, product revisions and upgrades in technology, but certain Electronic Air Cleaners are repairable. Contact
 Question: Is there any core value on old controls?
  Answer: Very few Flame Safety controls still have core value. Contact your nearest MIControls office for specific details.
Question: What is your product return policy?
  Answer: Returns of special-ordered products are subject to the manufacturer’s discretion, policies, restock fees and include return shipping costs. All products submitted for return consideration must be in new condition, boxes unsoiled and unmarked and in good, saleable condition. All returns are subject to a restocking charge.  Please see Terms & Conditions for further details.